The Hummingbird House

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In this eagerly anticipated spin-off to the Ladybug Farm series, Paul and Derrick set about opening the Hummingbird House B&B with their usual style and flair, only to find that they may have taken on more than they bargained for.  Despite constant coaching from their friends Cici, Bridget and Lindsay, they don't seem to be able to do anything right.  They soon find themselves at odds with their teenage housekeeper, overwhelmed by a zany spiritualist who seems determined to take over their lives, and, most horrifying of all, on the wrong side of the law.  But forces are at work behind the scenes that put unrelated strangers on the road to The Hummingbird House, where accidents become destiny, defeat is transformed into victory, and all that is required for a miracle is an open heart. 

Welcome to the Hummingbird House, where you might not always find what you expect, but you will always find what you need.

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Book Seven in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series is finally here! 

Dog trainer Raine Stockton and her happy-go-lucky golden retriever Cisco have been looking forward to the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility all winter.  They travel to the low country of South Carolina to compete against some of the top dogs in the southeast for blue ribbons, squeaky toys, and perhaps even that elusive title of High in Trial.  But even in this carefree atmosphere of high-spirited dogs and dedicated owners ambition runs high, and when one of the competitors is found brutally murdered  it begins to  look as though corruption might have penetrated even this last bastion of decency and sportsmanship, the AKC. 

While Raine and Cisco stalk a killer, a twenty-year old mystery is unfolding back home that will have devastating consequences for Raine and those she loves, and  every hour that passes brings a deadly threat closer.  

The print version of HIGH IN TRIAL also features the bonus short story, ALL THAT GLITTERS. 
High in Trial features three dogs whose owners were alert enough last year to enter a contest in which the prize was a chance to have a canine character named after your dog in the next Raine Stockton Dog Mystery.  Although I had originally intended  to mention each dog only once, they ended up becoming major players in the mystery.  This is what happens when you get too attached to your characters!   And who knows?  I may offer a similar contest in the future, so watch for your dog's chance to be a star. 

Vintage Ladybug Farm

For two years readers have asked for another full-length Ladybug Farm novel, and at last it's here! Vintage Ladybug Farm  is the last of the four titles that were originally planned for this series when A YEAR ON LADYBUG FARM was first published in 2009.  Readers will note, however, that the ending leaves plenty of room for a sequel, not to mention a surprise spin-off. 

Here's the description:

Come home to Ladybug Farm, the place for everyone who has ever had a friend ... or a dream. 
Four years have passed since best friends Cici, Bridget, and Lindsay left the suburbs for an old mansion in the Shenandoah Valley. They’ve survived broken plumbing, leaky roofs, and marauding sheep. They’ve faced fire, hail, snow, and financial setbacks. Yet somehow through it all they’ve managed not only to build a home, but a family. And now, much to their amazement, all their dreams seem to be coming true. The vineyard has been restored and Ladybug Farm Winery is on the verge of bottling its first vintage. Their friends Paul and Derrick are building a house next door. High school and college graduations are just around the corner for the two young people they have shepherded for the past four years. Life couldn’t be more perfect. But Ladybug Farm still holds a few surprises for them all ...

    Someone is getting married.

    Someone is keeping a monumental secret.

    And someone is leaving Ladybug Farm forever. 

    Vintage Ladybug Farm is Ladybug Farm at its best: heartwarming, heartbreaking; filled with compassion, humor, and hope. Welcome back to Ladybug Farm, where dreams never die.
To celebrate the launch of VINTAGE LADYBUG FARM I'm giving away free copies, ladybug memorabilia, and a super-duper gift basket at Ladybug Farm Charms.  All you have to do to enter is test your Ladybug Farm knowlege by playing our trivia game.  It's been great fun, and even wild guesses are entered to win!
If you enjoy VINTAGE LADYBUG FARM be sure to let me know by  contacting me.  I'll be happy to put you on my mailing lists so that you'll be among the first to be notified of new releases.
Meanwhile, Cheers from Ladybug Farm! 

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To celebrate the long-awaited released of VINTAGE LADYBUG FARM 
on October 1, I'm giving away three print copies and  a gift basket that includes all five books and a collection of ladybug memorabilia.  All you have to do is play Ladybug Farm trivia for your chance to win.  The details are here

Meanwhile, watch this page for more news about release day!

And the Winner Is...

Thanks to all my advance readers for the months of May and June!  Without you it would be impossible to get the word out about new releases, and because of you I am able to stay abreast of what readers want (and don't want!) in my books.  You are the reason I continue to write.

To show my appreciation,  everyone who volunteered to read and review one of my books in May or June was entered in a drawing for a basket of books.  The top three winners were chosen by (a random-number generator) and they are:

First Place: Vern
Second Place: Melane
Third Place: Rose

The first place winner receives : a complete autographed set of the Raine Stockton Dog mysteries, plus Renegade, Keys to the Castle and Ten Things Your Puppy Needs to Know; a set of notecards featuring original dog art, a silver pawprint bookmark, and-- most importantly-- a treat for the canine member of the family!

Second and third place winners will each receive an autographed copy of Keys to the Castle and a set of note cards.

Thank you once again to all my loyal readers!

Raine and Cisco Return!

The Dead Season: A Raine Stockton Dog Mystery (Volume 6)

Raine Stockton and her search-and-rescue dog, Cisco, return in their most intense adventure yet with The Dead Season

January is known as the dead season in the small Smoky mountain community of Hanover County, North Carolina.  For dog trainer and wilderness expert Raine Stockton, who hasn't had a client in six months, this season has been deader than most.  When the New Day Wilderness Program for Troubled Teens offers her a job leading a group of students on a winter camping expedition as part of their rehabilitation program, Raine jumps at the chance-- particularly since it means she will be able to take her golden retriever, Cisco, with her.  
But something is not right at New Day, and Raine and Cisco soon find themselves caught in a web of intrigue, suspicion and sabotage.  As the group moves deeper into the wilderness beneath steadily worsening weather, Raine begins to fear she and Cisco may soon find themselves trapped on the mountainside... with a killer.
The Dead Season is not your typical dog mystery, and the ending  already has readers talking. When you have finished reading, you can add your opinion on what really happened on that mountain  (SPOILER ALERT) by going to the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery page , or click "Dog Mysteries" above.  

New Suspense Book!

A missing teenage girl... a desperate mother... a frantic call in the night... is this a cruel hoax, or the work of a maniacal serial killer?

The peaceful resort town of St. Teresa-by-the-Sea on Florida's Forgotten Coast is known for its low crime rate, pristine beaches, and great fishing. But tragedy can come even to Paradise, as Carol Dennison found out two and a half years ago when her fourteen-year-old daughter, Kelly, disappeared on her way to a Tallahassee concert. Now, just as Carol as beginning to rebuild the pieces of her shattered life, she receives a midnight call from someone who calls her "mama" and begs for help. Is this a cruel prank designed to terrorize and punish Kelly's father for the role he played in bringing a recently paroled criminal to justice? Or is it possible that Kelly is still alive?

A grim investigation uncovers a connection between Kelly and other girls who have gone missing along the Gulf Coast in the past few years. When the body of one of those missing girls washes up on the shores of St. Teresa-by-the-Sea, the police are forced to admit they may have a serial killer in their midst. And with over three thousand college students poised to descend on the tiny community for spring break, their only hope for stopping him before he strikes again is the frightened voice of a teenage girl on the telephone... and the desperate determination of the parents who love her.

Shattered is not a book for the faint of heart.  It even scared me, and I knew the ending!  Mothers, beware.  Hold your children close while reading this one. 

For a limited time, anyone who is interested in writing a review for can receive a free digital copy of SHATTERED just by contacting me through this web site.  As a bonus, all of my reviewers through the end of May will be entered in a drawing to receive a gift basket filled with books and other really cool stuff.  More details to come!

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